Iban Longhouse

Traditional longhouse near Betong, Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo
in longhouse  The common area of the longhouse longhouse deck  everyone has there on deck iphone0-3  bridge over the Skrang river iphone0-4  The old bridge got washed away in what must have been an epic flood iphone0-5  stingless bee hive iphone0-6
iphone0-7  there is the honey,I love it's sour taste! iphone0-10 iphone0-15  harvesting the honey collecting honey iphone0-8  our host grows a lot of fruit and palm trees iphone0-9  This palm is for eating. I love the pattern which evntually grows in to very wicked thorns
iphone0-12  the palm ready to eat, tasty iphone0-13 iphone0-17 ifresh fish  cleaning some fresh river fish iphone0-18  hog barbeque riverside