Gili Air 2017

Gorgeous sunsets most of the time At the harbour at Bali waiting for fastboat to Gili Nice lady Ketut selling drinks at the harbour My first glimpse of the gorgeous waters at the Gilis
There are no cars or motorcycles on the Gilis, quiet and fresh air all around!  They do have good old horsepower though. bicycle is a great way to get around Nice little beach circles around most of the island The island has a  solar farm
IMG 2763 IMG 2775 Loved my bungalow at Utopia Homestay , built  beautifully solid,  mainly from bamboo and recycled materials Sunrise is also lovely
Yay, the beer boat has arrived! This lady made fantastic satay chicken The best Indonesian curries,  At Ruby's Diner These big swings in the water entertain kids of all ages